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Alaric Barca    Original Art, Prints, Tee Shirts, Pins and Buttons

B Film Kings    Movie Collectables and Memorabilia    Creature Features and Bob Wilkins Items

Charlie and Humphrey   Comics Original Comics and Art

Citrus Atelier    Handmade Fantasy Wands and other Magical Ware

CJ Toys    Star Wars, Sci-Fi Collectibles

Comic Boards Ink    Art, Art Prints and Originals

Deryck Santiago    Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy and Pop Culture Artwork and Prints

Dimensional Designs    Horror and Sci-Fi Model Kits, Toys, Statues and Collectibles

Dr. Hogan-Berry's Emporium    Handmade Custom Jewelry, Crowns and Accessories.

Dream Light Jewelry    Sci-Fi and Fantasy Handcrafted Jewelry

East Coast West    Pez and Funko Collectibles

From the Land Beyond    DVDs, Blu-Rays, Movie Posters and Art Prints

Jim Rondeau    Movie Memorabilia

Kong's Cave    Godzilla, Kaiju, Sci-Fi and Horror Toys and Collectibles

Lazy Bones Studios    Horror Comics, Buttons, Prints and Oddities


Single Space 36 sqft. One Table $65.00

Double Space 72 sqft. Two Tables$120.00

All tables 6' x 30" fully covered with black table clothes top & sides

Moonmajick Creations    Special Effects, Props and Costume Accessories

Nawt Just Knots    Crochet Toys, Jewelry, Pins and Badge Reels

NovemberFire    DVDs, Teeshirts, Patches, Pins and Accessories

Octopunx    Handcrafted Jewlery and Goggles

Play It By Fear    Rare Music and One-Of-A-Kind Creepy Creations

Punkstuff    Horror and Sci-Fi Tees

Rick Lucey    Original Artwork

Sick Soaps    Horror and Sci-Fi Hardcrafted Soaps and Bath Accessories

Steve Wyatt    Monster Magazines & Comics

Terror in the Nights    Teeshirts and Make-Up Artists

Tony Parco    DC, Vertigo and Marvel Comics Toys and Collectables

Toy Slayer    Horror Toys, Pins and Masks

Where Monsters Walked    Book exploring famous Horror and Sci-Fi Film Locations

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