50 Years of Planet of the Apes!  From the original 1968 science fiction classic to the latest hit film series, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of this ground breaking franchise!

* Special Guests

* Expanded Dealers Room

* Unique Programs & Films

* Costume Contest  

* Planet of the Apes 50

* Night of the Living Dead 50



Mega Chiller Theatre!  One movie...a whole HOST of Horror Hosts!  A ghastly group of horror hosts from around the country come together to host a horror rarity!

The Monster Movie Quiz!  A panel of experts compete for "fabulous prizes" by exhibiting their vast knowledge of horror and sci-fi films and television!


AUGUST 12TH, 2018  ~  10:00AM to 8:00PM

The Film that Built a Genre:  Night of the Living Dead at 50!  A special 50th Anniversary look at the seminal classic that created the zombie genre!