Monster Movie Quiz:  The live game show that tests the horror knowledge of a panel of experts.  They answer the question and the audience wins the prizes!

The Shocking Facts about Plan 9 from Outer Space:  A special exclusive documentary on the myths and legacies of Ed Wood's epic.

Mega Chiller Theatre:  One movie...A WHOLE HOST OF HORROR HOSTS!  We select a rare horror film and invite a gang of horror hosts to contribute their own take on the film!

Fan Film Festival:  Extraordinary short films from the internet made by genre fans.


10AM: Ghastly Grab Bag--Cartoons, Trailers, Short Films, Rarities!

11AM: Fan Film Festival--Fan Films from the internet!

12PM: Ghastly Grab Bag #2--Cartoons, Trailers, Short Films, Rarities!

1PM: House of the Gorgon--West Coast Premiere 

3PM: The Shocking Facts about  Plan 9 from Outer Space--Documentary

4PM: Monster Movie Quiz--Creatures-Con's Exclusive Horror Gameshow

5PM: The Star Trek Dream--Bob Wilkins' Star Trek Documentary 

6PM: Mega Chiller Theatre--Multitudinous Horror Hosted Horror Movie

8PM: Close



We are proud to host the Exclusive West Coast Premiere of the newest film by Joshua Kennedy! In the style of Hammer Horror and starring Veronica Carlson, Caroline Munro, Martine Beswick and Christopher Neame, we are proud to present "House of the Gorgon!"
After the premiere, we'll present an exclusive Q&A with the director Joshua Kennedy and star Veronica Carlson!