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Single Space 36 sqft. One Table $65.00

Double Space 72 sqft. Two Tables$120.00

All tables 6' x 30" fully covered with black table clothes top & sides

Josh Hancock - Horror Author

Kong's Cave - Kaiju, Sci-fi, Genre Toys

Moonmajick Creations - AFX/Go2Effects - Film & Stage FX, Props, Jewelry, Cosplay Accessories

Napa Ghosts & Legends - Paranormal, Monster Products, DVDs

Nick Shevelev - Artist

November Fire -  Monsters DVDs, Buttons, Pins, Patches.

Punk Stuff  / Hanger 19 - Horror and Genre Tee-shirts

Sick Soaps - Crafted Horror and Genre Soaps.

Steve Wyatt - Comics, Magazines and Monster Books

Forever Midnight -  Pins, Patches, Stickers, Figures, Etc.

The Vampire Tour of San Francisco - Info on Vampire Tour

Tony Parco - Comics and Collectibles

We Belong Dead - British Classic Horror Magazine

Where Monsters Walked - Authors Gail & Ray Orwig


Alaric Barca - Artist, Graphic Design, Prints, Tee-shirts

Alma Martinez - Modelers or Mice - Scaled Models or Replicas

Bob - Bob Wilkins DVDs. Posters, Buttons, Books

Black Market / Steven Russel Black - Artist

Built from Sketch - Dark Horror Art Prints

Charlie and Humphrey Comics - Comic Books, Prints, etc

CJ Toys - Star Wars and Sci-Fi Toys and Collectibles

Creatures in the Attic - Latex Appliances and Costuming 

Deryck Santiago - Horror, Sci-Fi, Comics Art and Prints

Dimensional Designs - Model Kits, Collectibles

Dr. Hogan-Berry's Extraordinary Emporium - Genre Pocket Watches, Jewelry 
and Accessories

Drawrick - Art Prints, Paintings 
and Sculptures by Rick Lucey

From the Land Beyond - DVDs and Blu-rays, Posters,

Haunted Manor - Horror and Halloween Art and Home Decor


Jim & Melody Rondeau - Movie and Genre Books, Posters, Toys